Kaggle Courses

I have been dabbling in deep learning recently, and I have completed a few courses and read through and watched many resources during that time. It can be hard to find good help, so I wanted to share my experience with Kaggle quickly.

If you’re not familiar with Kaggle, it is an excellent source of datasets for training your models. I believe this is what they are most well known for. They also have a complete set of courses relating to many things data science-related. The topics include data visualization, how to use the Pandas library, and more.

At the time of this writing, I have completed four courses with Kaggle. The experience has been great. The lessons use their own notebooks platform, presenting the material clearly and in bite-sized pieces. There is a read-only lesson, briefly going over the main ideas for each module, which includes examples. Then there is an interactive, hands-on half to each module, where you apply the concepts yourself.

The interactive lessons present many little puzzles to solve, grounded in practicality as things you might experience in a real-world scenario. They are all within your ability to solve, and they provide you with a hint and even the entire solution if needed. It is best to attempt to find the answer yourself, of course. They utilize binders to take care of much of the boilerplate so you stay focused on the concepts in the lesson, and they provide a custom module that gives you feedback on your attempted answers.

If you’re new to machine learning and aren’t too sure where to start, give Kaggle a try. I wish I had sooner.


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